From April to October club runs are held on the alternate Mondays to club meetings, with a run every 2 weeks.

The start time is 6.30pm and the run starts from the Shell garage in Ulverston. MAP The destinations and proposed routes are planned with a ‘runs sheet’ being produced in March and distributed to members.

The routes are chosen to keep us away from busier roads and are suitable for any size motorcycle, the destinations will always have a pub or café so we can have some refreshment and enjoy the social side. The length of the run depends on the time of year, with many older bikes having poor lighting runs are planned so everyone can get there and home without too much riding in the dark.


A normal evening run would be arrive at the Shell garage just after 6.00pm, fill up with petrol and have a chat with the others while waiting for everyone to turn up, leave at 6.30pm. Everyone rides at their own pace, no matter how slow you may ride you’ll find someone else riding at the same pace. The run will be anything from 20-50 miles. On arrival at the destination, refreshments are taken and there is time for a chat, how long you stay is up to you. From there members then leave when they are ready and make their own way home.

Some members who might live along the route often sit waiting for everyone before joining the run, others who may live in a different direction may choose to do their own run and meet up at the destination, the choice of what you do is entirely up to you.


What bike to bring? Our runs are NOT British only any make of motorcycle is welcome, the majority will be British bikes, but you’ll see many other marques taking part. Ideal engine size? That is up to you and how far you live from the destination. I have seen members turn up on a NSU Quickly and a Vincent Firefly Autocycle so even the smallest of bikes can be used. LE Velocette’s, BSA Bantams do often come along, mostly you’ll see 350-500 singles and modern 4cyl bikes.

Attendance does vary mostly due to the weather, for a normal run the average will be around 15 attending, this can go up to 25 or more on a nice evening, or down to 2-3 on a miserable evening


There is an ‘all day’ run held once a year, normally on a Saturday, starting at around 10.00am this will be a round trip of up to 200 miles, with a dinner stop or 2.


We have in the last couple of years organised a couple of ‘Tiddler’ runs each year, the route is fairly local and doesn’t leave the Furness area, but with so many tiny lanes in the area it feels like you are miles from anywhere. Around 20-30 miles again with a refreshment stop. Although meant for the smaller bikes any size is welcome to join in, just remember you’ll be riding along at 30-35mph for most of the route. Its ideal for older bikes with some members turning up on vintage/pre-war bikes.

The start location will differ for each tiddler run and members will be notified beforehand. Around 20 attend but numbers are slowly increasing each year. These runs can be held midweek or at weekends.


With there being so many shows and events in the area in the summer months that members attend, there will often be an unofficial run to these events, with small groups meeting up to ride to the event, club meetings or our Facebook page is the best way to find out about any unofficial run.


Due to insurance issues (public liability) non members are not permitted to join in with club runs. However, there is nothing to stop a potential member riding his or her bike to meet us at the destination and get a feel for the club by speaking to the members there.

Please speak to the club secretary who will advise you of the date and location of future runs.