Club meetings are held every 2nd Monday right throughout the year, the only exceptions are when that Monday falls on Christmas eve, Christmas day, Boxing day or New Year’s Day.


Meetings are held at the Ulverston Sports & Social Club Priory Rd, LA12 9HN MAP and start at 8.00pm.

There is plenty of parking space should you arrive in a car or on a motorcycle, members start arriving around 7.30pm and on a nice evening gather outside looking at what bikes have turned up that week.

Inside members meet up with old friends and meet new ones, it is a very friendly social event, just motorcyclists talking bikes.


The main room is for our use only on club nights, with several large screen TV’s in the room most nights a motorcycle DVD is played on them as a background distraction.

The club isn’t burdened by having rules and procedures at these meetings, it is purely a social event. Except at around 9.00pm club Member Bill Hannah will bang his gavel on a nearby table and spend the next 10-15 minutes going through anything that might be relevant to members.

This is basically a reminder of upcoming events, things that might have happened too late to put in the newsletter, bikes, or parts for sale and occasionally a humorous tale which often involves some good-natured banter from the members.


Attendance is around 30 to 80 members, about 50 is normal, by 9.30pm a few have left and by 10.00pm most have gone, it is just a pleasant couple of hours in good company talking bikes, but feel free to stay as long as you want.


Occasionally we organise a small auto jumble evening where members bring along the odd item to sell. On many nights, someone will have brought something along they no longer have a need for, occasionally donating the proceedings to club funds.

A large plastic tub is located in a prominent place during meetings where members will drop off motorcycle magazines for other members to take home, read and then return to the tub for others to enjoy.

Guest speakers are occasionally organised, often it may be a member with something interesting to talk about.

With an average of 50 members attending, that’s over 2000 years of motorcycle experience sat in one room who currently own 200+ motorcycles between them and have owned many more, your chance of meeting someone who can help you or give you some advice on your bike or even help with manuals or possibly spare parts is very good. No matter how obscure your bike there will be someone who can help you or at least point you in the right direction.

  The annual cost of membership is a very modest £6.00. (£3.00 per annum for members under eighteen, and £9.00 for husband and wife) There are no joining or administrative charges and there are no hidden extras



If you are thinking about joining the club then please come along to a meeting, you will be made very welcome and you like what you see you can join that evening, please contact the club secretary or ask on our Facebook page for the date of the next meeting.